We use beer in many of our menu items. But we also love to drink it on its own. At Milltown, you can learn about beers from around the world right here in Carrboro.

Our beer selection is heavily Belgian and also contains some of our favorites from Northern Europe, as well as wonderful microbrews from Canada & the US (including plenty of beers from our home state of North Carolina).

Many of our beers have their own glassware. Many of these glasses have existed for centuries and were created in conjunction with the beer. For example, the glasses for the abbey ales are in the shape of the chalice used by the monks. Each beer fits in its corresponding glass, as the glass is designed to accentuate the taste and the aroma of that specific beer.

The Belgian beers, with their high alcohol content, are sipping beers. If you’re looking for less alcohol content, some of our best “session” beers are from English or German breweries. We often offer small batch beers. Sometimes, Milltown is the only bar in the Triangle or even the state to offer a certain beer. 

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